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Power 'n More is our solution to fulfil  the escalating demand for professional development support in power electronics and power supply design – both at system and product level.

With a new, highly customized training concept, close collaboration with leading suppliers, and a comprehensive range of additional services, SILICA provides a revolutionary approach to technical support for every aspect of your power design, including:

Power Field Application Engineer ExpertsPower Field Application Engineer Experts
14 Power FAE experts who have completed more than 2000 hours in-depth power training in 2013, 25 Analog FAEs with 1000 hours of Power training, and 55 Digital FAEs and sales engineers with 400 hours of Power basic training.


Power LabPower Labs
Dedicated Power FAEs with strong knowledge and skills on power design will have access to SILICA’s fully equipped power labs.


Benchmark Power Linecard

Power Linecard
SILICA keeps most of the leading Power vendors on its linecard.



Power NetworkPower Network
SILICA has established a network of independent consultants, in the form of power conversion systems design-houses, to offer you turn-key solutions for your power projects.


Power Module StrategyPower Module Strategy
And we are well underway in the preparation of a Power module strategy enabling us to virtually offer end-to-end power design services “all under one roof”.



Power 'n More offers the highest level of  technical support available, covering everything from system specification advise,  assistance with topology and layout - right  through to product selection.


Avnet Power Reference Design Cookbook

Power Linecard

Designers Journal

Edition 2013
Power Management


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WEBENCH Designer Tools

WEBENCH Designer tools are powerful software algorithms and visual interfaces that deliver complete power, lighting, and sensing applications in seconds.




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