78M6613 - Single-Phase AC Power-Measurement IC

Silica Maxim 78M6613 iconThe Maxim 78M6613 is a highly integrated IC for simplified implementation of single-phase AC power measurement into power supplies, smart appliances, and other applications with embedded AC load monitoring and control. It is packaged in a small, 5 mm x 5 mm, 32-pin QFN package for optimal space savings.

At the measurement interface, the device provides four analog inputs for interfacing to voltage and current sensors. Voltages from the sensors are fed to our Single Converter Technology® that uses a 22-bit delta-sigma ADC, independent 32-bit Compute Engine (CE), digital temperature compensation, and precision voltage references to provide better than 0.5 % power measurement accuracy over a wide 2000:1 dynamic range.

The integrated MPU core and 32 KB of flash memory provides a flexible means of configuration, post-processing, data formatting, and interfacing to any host processor through the UART interface and / or DIO pins. Complete application firmware is available from Maxim and can be preloaded into the IC during manufacturing test. Alternatively, a complete array of ICE, development tools, and programming libraries are available to allow customization for each application.

78M6613 Key Features

  • < 0.5 % Wh accuracy over wide 2000:1 current range and over temperature 
  • Voltage reference < 40 ppm / °C 
  • Four sensor inputs—V3P3A referenced 
  • 22-Bit delta-sigma ADC with independent 32-Bit Compute Engine (CE) 
  • 8-Bit MPU (80515), one clock cycle per instruction with 2 KB MPU XRAM 
  • 32 KB flash with security 
  • Integrated In-Circuit Emulator (ICE) interface for MPU debug 
  • 32 kHz time base with hardware watchdog timer 
  • UART interface and up to 10 general-purpose 5 V tolerant I / O pins 
  • Packaged in a RoHS-compliant (6 / 6) lead (Pb)-free, 32-Pin QFN (5mm x 5mm) 
  • Complete application firmware provides:
    - True RMS calculations for current, voltage, line frequency, real power, reactive - power, apparent power, and power factor 
    - Accumulated watt-hours, kilowatt-hours 
    - Intelligent switch control at zero crossings 
    - Digital temperature compensation 
    - Phase compensation (± 15°) 
    - Quick calibration routines 
    - 46-64 Hz line frequency range with same calibration 

78M6613 Applications

  • Building automation
  • Consumer appliances
  • Data center, telecom, and storage power supplies
  • Home automation
  • Indoor / Outdoor lighting

78M6613 Block Diagram
Silica Maxim 78M6613 bd
Maxim Integrated

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